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Orbit Track 5.0
Web Based Issue Tracking and Management System


Orbit Track is a simple to use web-based issue tracking system. The feature rich interface allows for easy configuration and customization. Orbit Track supports unlimited number of projects and releases. Team members may be assigned to projects independently. The flexibility and ease of use allows managers, developers and testers to have direct insight into the changes being made and the issues that drive them. Route all project issues and requests to the correct person or group for faster resolution.

  Top 10 Features:

 Powerful Web Interface
 Automated Email for Issue Notification
 Flexible Searching Capabilities
 Full Cycle Project Management
 Comprehensive Maintenance Screens
 Standard and Customize Reporting
 Easy Access and Fast Data Entry Screens
 Automated Process Tracking and Management
 Extensive Administration Functions
 Highly Configurable and Scalable System

Manage Multiple Projects
Track User Requests Independent of
Development Issues
Eliminate Sticky Notes and Spreadsheets
Manage Releases More Effectively
Prioritize your Workload
Easy to Use and Deploy
Customizable to Accommodate Business Needs
Automates Process Tracking and Management
Users can Submit Issues through the Web
Top 10 Features
1. Powerful Web Interface
Simple Browser Based Navigation
Easy to Modify Screens
Cascading Style Sheet based layouts
Attractive Issue Reporting
User Friendly Screens
2. Automated Email for Issue Notification
Recipients receive automatic email notifications when requests or issues are open, assign to, close, or cancel. Issue email notifications include relevant information about the issue such as number, description, status, auditing information, and file attachments. The issue number link provides the user with an easy way to access the issue for further action.
3. Flexible Searching Capabilities
Powerful search capabilities allow you to retrieve requests or issues based on an easy to customize search criteria. You may search issues by project, release, status, type, number, or audit information such as open date/user, closed date/user, assigned date/user and so on. Such flexibility allows you to quickly search very specific criteria narrowing down your results considerably.
4. Full Cycle Project Managements
Project Specific Customization and Access Control
Assign issues to projects
Control user access to projects
Manage released more effectively
Manage multiple projects
Create project areas for specific issue assignment
Classified customers by projects according to their requests
5. Comprehensive Maintenance Screens
Ability to upload up to 5 files at a time
Required fields are validated before record saving ensuring data integrity
Collect issue tracking information
Record and view audit information
Ability to create child issues
Enforce follow up notes and close reason comments before the closing of an issue takes place
Ability to view child issues and drilldown into each of them from parent issue record

6. Standard and Customize Reporting
Choose from a variety of reporting formats
Powerful search criteria allows you to retrieve targeted information
Standard layout reports save you time
Create your own customize reports; choose only the columns that you want to display with our custom output view
Control the number of records to display per page
Sort report columns by issue number, date, user, status and more
7. Easy Access and Fast Data Entry Screens

View standard reports based on the user.
Access the Frame View mode to display the search and maintenance pages on the same window at the same time. This is a very flexible way to drilldown into issues while performing a search without loosing your results or having to click back to it.
Mass change screens allow you to edit several records at once saving you time and effectively applying changes to a list of selected records
8. Automated Process Tracking and Management
Transition buttons are responsible for tracking the state of issues from beginning to end. The date and user auditing information is recorded automatically every time an action is executed. Orbit Track Request Status Transition actions allow you to put an issue in a pending or stop work status.
9. Extensive Administration Functions
Access administrative functions from virtually anywhere at anytime. Our web-based, user friendly interface allows you to create and edit projects and releases, control access to users, add customer information, create new project areas, search and maintain lookup tables among other administrative tasks.
10. Highly Configurable and Scalable System
Orbit Track web-based interface makes room for easy configuration and customization. Web pages can be easily added or modify to accommodate your business needs.

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