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CLEAN_Address is a development component for easily verifying and standardizing Global addresses through Oracle database applications.

Addresses can be verified Real-Time or Batch using a simple PL/SQL procedure call. This saves data entry time, protects against fraud, reduces costs of re-shipping, and allows duplicate address detection.

CLEAN_Address was designed specifically for Oracle databases and is easily integrated into several development platforms, including the Web, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, C++, Visual Basic, Java/JSP, and Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB). There are also pre-built interfaces for Banner, Advance, Oracle Applications, and PeopleSoft.
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Address Verification & Standardization - Company, Street, City, State, Postal Code, ZIP + 4®, County, MSA, ...
Name Parsing and Genderizing - Parses name into five components and returns gender code
Telephone Area Code and Prefix - Corrects split area codes and data entry errors
Email Address Parsing & Verification - syntax checking, parsing and validating domain names
GeoCoding - return latitude and longitude for US addresses
Verify & Standardize addresses in the U.S., Canada and over 240 countries and territories.
Works with ANY Oracle platform, with natively compiled daemon code for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, & HP-UX
Subscription service keeps the postal authority data up-to-date on bimonthly, monthly, and/or quarterly terms.
Easiest address verification product to integrate into ANY Oracle database application.
Top 10 Features of CLEAN_Address:
 1) No client software to install
 2) Truly seamless real-time integration with no popup windows
 3) Integrated batch processing in the database without exporting / importing
 4) Customizable business rules and data standards
 5) Address errors are recorded in the database for easy reporting
 6) Telephone number checking in real-time and batch
 7) Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - one installation serves all databases
 8) Complete solution for all entry points: Client-Server, Web site, and batch processing
 9) Low annual enterprise subscription pricing
 10) Support for every country in the world with Web service option
CLEAN_Address Datasheet  Supported Territories
Features US Canada Global

Verify Global addresses in over 240 countries and territories

Server side address processing for enterprise scalability

Batch verify your address table in Oracle without exporting any data

Enhance address records by appending County, ZIP + 4®, Address Type, and other Demographics

GeoCode Addresses to append latitude and longitude coordinates

Subscription service so you always have up to date data

Monthly/ Bimonthly Monthly Monthly/ Varies

Verify Addresses from any application running on the Web, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, C++, Visual Basic, ASP, or Java/JSP

Options US Canada Global

Address Verification and Standardization provides standard functionality for verifying addresses, standardizing to postal regulations (CASS™/SERP™), correcting street misspellings, identifying undeliverable addresses with error codes, and correcting cities, states, and postal codes. This is standard product functionality.

The DPV™ Product is the most accurate verification you can achieve for US addresses, down to the actual delivery point. The DPV™ Product option verifies a known address down to the deliverable house number, including the identification of missing or invalid apartment or suite numbers.

GeoCoder returns very accurate Latitude and Longitude coordinates and census tract and census block identifiers. These are used to map and pinpoint locations for targeting marketing, nearest dealer locators, and radial searches a given distance from a point. The census tract and block identifiers relate to the 2000 Census demographics.

Telephone Verification verifies and updates area codes based on the zip code and can correct area code splits and data entry errors. This will help prevent fraud and eliminate time wasted on re-dials and wrong numbers. This option is included with the basic CLEAN_Address product.

Name Parser & Genderizer parses names into 5 individual components such as prefix, suffix, first, middle, last. Genderize based on first name to determine Male, Female, Neutral, or Unknown names. This option is included with the basic CLEAN_Address product.

Email Check will perform a syntax check, parse, and check the domain name for accuracy. This option is included with the basic CLEAN_Address product.

Demographic Data Option returns statistical information summarized at the ZIP Code™, county, and MSA level. This is useful for demographic analysis of your data as well as qualifying targeted mailings. Census information is also returned, summarized at the ZIP Code™ level.

USPS® Data - CASS™ processed, updated bimonthly or monthly

Canada Post Data - SERP Certified, updated monthly

Global Data - over 240 countries and territories, updated monthly (varies by country). Data is sourced directly from the country postal authorities for highest quality, rather than using a watered down version from the UPU (Universal Postal Union). Contact us for details.

Platforms US Canada Global

Windows - CLEAN_Address has been certified on the following Windows operating systems
   * Windows NT
   * Windows 2000 Professional
   * Windows 2000 Server
   * Windows 2003 Professional
   * Windows 2003 Server
   * Windows XP Professional
   * Windows XP Server

Linux - Support for
   * Linux RedHat 8.0 (psyche) or greater --or--
   * Linux RedHat 7.1 (seawolf) or greater --or--
   * Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 2.1 (Tampa) or greater

Solaris - Support for Solaris 7 or greater (i.e., SunOS 5.7 or greater), SPARC Platform

AIX - Support for AIX 5.2, 5.3. POWER, rs/6000, PPC, 32-Bit

HP-UX - Support for HP-UX 11.11 - 11.23, PA-RISC, 32-bit

Components US Canada Global

Real Time Simple Procedure Call - Verify and standardize address components with a simple procedure call.

Batch Processing - Verify and enhance your address table in Oracle without exporting any data.

Postal Code Selection Table - Quickly access postal code information such as multiple city/state combinations using information stored in Oracle tables.

Standardized Address Table - Store and verify addresses before merging with production data. Identify duplicate addresses after verification.

Interfaces US Canada Global

PL/SQL Batch - Integration scripts and reports for address verification with PL/SQL batch processing.

Banner - Pre-built integration and reports for Banner by Ellucian; Banner is an Oracle-based higher education management system used widely across the US at colleges and universities.

PeopleSoft - Pre-built integration and reports with PeopleSoft.
PeopleSoft for Higher Education is an industry solution in Oracle's Enterprise product line.

Oracle Applications - Pre-built integration and reports with Oracle Applications. Oracle for Higher Education and Research provides a combination of technology and preintegrated business applications.

Oracle Forms Interface - Integration templates and procedures for address verification within Oracle Forms.

Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) - Integrates seamlessly with OWB for the address and name functions during ETL (Data Extraction, Transformation, and Load).

Java/JSP Interface - Seamless integration for address verification within Java and JSP applications. Sample code provided in the toolkit.

Free Online Demo - Explore CLEAN_Address in real time! Try out our free online web demo to verify and standardize global addresses, parse names, verify telephone numbers, check email addresses, and more. This is a web implementation calling the PL/SQL procedure within the database.

Additional Products & Services US Canada Global

NCOALink® Processing - perform USPS® change-of-address processing on your address lists as an external job. 18-20% of companies and individuals change their address every year. Call for pricing.

CCOA Processing - perform Canadian change-of-address processing on your address lists as an external job. Call for pricing.

Mailers+4™ - PAVE™ Gold certified for pre-sorting and postal rate discounts. MAILERS+4™ automates the mailing process to meet USPS® requirements for maximum discounted mailings. You'll save up to 65% in postage and printing! MAILERS+4™ verifies and standardizes addresses, adds ZIP + 4® codes, eliminates duplicates, postal presorts, and prints POSTNET™ barcoded labels and tags, plus required postal forms.

The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service®: ZIP + 4, United States Postal Service, USPS, NCOALink, DPV, CASS, PAVE, ZIP, ZIP Code, and POSTNET. NCOALink® services are provided by a non-exclusive licensee of the United States Postal Service®.

·  For additional information please contact our Account Representatives:
   Toll Free: 877-784-0003
   Phone: 561-395-9322
   Online: Contact us

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 SalesOE 2.0
 MentorAPPS 2.0
 Orbit Track 5.0
 Orbit 5.1

"CLEAN_Address integrated into our Oracle application in a seamless manner to both users and developers" - Oracle Developer

"Address verification in our student information system is a ten-year dream come true." - Community College

"This low-maintenance application has already saved us tens-of-thousands of dollars each year" - Distribution Facility

"We have seen significant savings in increased customer satisfaction and enabling quick and easy address entry by call center representatives" - IT Manager, Unicity Network

"CLEAN_Address is saving us over $250,000 per year in address correction charges from UPS." - Book Publisher

"The address verification runs very smoothly. It has taken quite a load off the records and registration process" - State University
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